Oklahoma Police Records

There’s nowhere else to find the Oklahoma Police Records than at the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation which does both name and fingerprint searches. The application form allows anyone to select which search method is preferred. Fees for the respective processes are $15.00 for the name-based search and $19.00 for the fingerprint search which are payable through credit card, certified check or money order. The local law enforcement agency is the central repository for fingerprint files.

Requesting for the said records can be performed via mail or through walk-in application. The State’s Department of Corrections has the same kind of information for public use, but for a more complete data it is advisable to approach the Bureau of Investigation’s office. To facilitate the search much faster they have developed a website to conduct a basic search or a search based on appearance. Basic search is done by typing in the name and address of the subject while the other uses identifiers like race, gender, height, weight, hair color, eye color, and other physical features.

Request forms can be downloaded from the state’s website and printed out. The form must have the chosen search method with the fingerprints if that’s the process you selected. The request will then have to be mailed at the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. Information on police records can definitely be obtained. The only down side is the length of time it takes to complete the whole process since government offices always follow some formalities.

Oklahoma Police Reports Public Record

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