New York Public Records

Why do a public records search of New York Public Records
There are many good reasons to familiarize yourself with public records searches. If you’re in New York, or have lived in the state and have had a child, owned property such as a house or car, you’ll need to know how to search New York public records.

Similarly, if you want more information about a resident who resides in New York state, you will totally benefit from the online records providers at present. A background check will indicate any criminal history, such as drug possession charges, instances of violence, or sexual assault. Learning about these can disqualify a potential candidate for employment or housing, if one is working with vulnerable people such as children (if you’re looking for a babysitter), or the elderly (such as in a home healthcare scenario). If you’re renting to someone, it would be great to know if they’re a registered sex offender, so that you don’t break any laws in your state pursuant to their legally allowed proximity to children.

New York Court Records Public Access

New York Public Records Laws
In general, records are available, with the exception of those that violate the privacy or risk the safety of others, or interfere with commercial interests of an organization or individual. Any record of a municipal governing body, commission, committee, bureau, agency, or public corporation. This is due to New York’s Freedom of Information Law. Any public record available here should be available online, although you may have to formally request them or pay a small fee, if they’re not online.

New York Vital Records

Online Services that Search Public Records
One great public records search site is Free Public Records Search Directory. This should give you a basic head start in finding public records. IIf you are searching for a person and you do not know what to do just come by the office of the Central Records Repository. New York, like any state, has specific rules regarding public records searching, so be prepared to navigate different sets of rules.

Two sites that use online profiles as an aggregating people-search are Pipl and 123People. You can put someones name and the state (in this case New York). These sites comb the web for matching social graphs and information collected by data brokers. They sometimes carry inaccurate information however, so be careful. Neither should be taken as a definitive source, but they are a good start in a public records search of New York public records.

Vital Records
If you’ve lost a copy of your birth certificate or a car title, you have to request a copy of these documents using a public records search of New York public records. These are called Vital Records. There’s a different procedure involved and these records most don’t fall under government open records laws.

Vital records can also include a marriage license or divorce decree. Check with the specific county one is filed in for rules as to how to obtain them.

New York Death Records

The work on keeping valuable New York Death Records is handled by the New York State Department of Health excluding those deaths that took place in New York City. Those that transpired in New York City can be obtained through the New York Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Retrievable documents were compiled since 1880, those beyond that will have to be referred to the County registrar offices or go through the state archives.

Residents may acquire a certified copy with a seal or the uncertified without a seal. Take note that a certified copy can only be requested if it’s your own certificate or owned by your child. Normally, the request fee is $30.00 per copy which should be sent to the state’s Vital Records Section. As a policy, paid fees will not be refunded even if there is no search result. The turn-around time to process such request takes 6 to 8 weeks before the search is completed. Another option is to choose the priority request which costs you $45.00 per copy, emailed to the same office. This on the other hand takes 2 to 3 weeks to finish the whole search procedure.

Death Records New York

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However, as per rule of law, only the spouse, parents or adult child can have the right to access such public documents. Those who desire to possess them for whatever legal purposes should acquire a New York Court order or present a legal or medical need for the said reports. To begin the search, you need to fill-out the necessary forms, present government-issued ID and the corresponding payment to be entertained by the personnel in-charge.

New York Death Notices

Fortunately, to cut down the time spent for all these government formalities, an online solution has come to bid goodbye to the old search method. Internet record providers today are backed with quick retrieval and user-friendly process to obtained New York Death Records. It is simply the immediate remedy when you are after of convenience and fast delivery of results. This online alternative is definitely the top option more especially if it’s 100% legitimate with full money-refund guarantee.

New York Birth Records

The New York State Department of Health is the place to be to request for the New York Birth Records. The Certification Unit, Vital Records is the main section where such records are obtained for a standard request fee of $30.00 per copy. These particular documents have been maintained since 1881 up to present. Those prior to that will have to be inquired at the Registrar of Vital Statistics in the city where it transpired. Residents from the rest of the state may go to the state office for queries except for New York City which can only be retrieved at the New York Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

The amount due for the request should be paid at the New York State Department of Health through personal check or money order. Current fees and other concerns relating to such reports may visit the department’s website for update. The request can be done via mail, Internet and telephone with additional charges. As a rule, only the person listed on the record and the parents are given the right to get hold of such files. Spouses, children, and others must possess a court order before having the privilege to access them.

Birth Records New York

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To do so, you need to complete a New York Birth Certificate form with a valid identification attached with it. To avail a much faster service, you have the option to pay for the priority request at $45.00 per copy. Technically, a regular request takes within 6 to 8 weeks while the priority request takes 2 to 3 weeks. For genealogical research purposes, the requesting party will have to pay an amount of $22.00 per copy. However, this particular request takes months to be processed. The idea is to keep in touch with the local county registrar instead of the central office in order to get a much quicker service.

New York Birth Certificate

It is indeed time-consuming for some reason if you go through the processes in government offices because of the requirements and all. However, it’s a big blessing that today residents are provided with a much more convenient tool to perform a New York Birth Records search. The Internet record provider is the solution to a faster and simpler records search. No more falling in line at the records agency. With a 100% legitimate online record provider that offers full money-back guarantee, the public will have total search satisfaction.

Florida Birth Records

Florida Birth Records are obtainable at the Department of Health, Bureau of Vital Statistics for $9.00 per copy. State office keeps such documents since April 1865 of which the majority of them were compiled in January 1917. In some cases where the exact date is not known, the searching individual has to pay $9.00 covering the first year searched and $2.00 for each additional year to a maximum of $50.00.

Payment includes one certification of record if found or statement indicating record not on file. When you request for more copies at the same time you will have to pay $4.00 extra. Fees will have to be paid at the Bureau of Vital Statistics using personal check or money order. To be sure of the amount to be paid, it is best to contact or visit the Florida Department of Health, Vital Records Website. Just like the other public records in the said state, birth records cannot also be easily requested by just anybody. A law has been passed to govern the proper handling of the said legal reports. Requesting party will have to be screened out if he or she is eligible for records’ access.

Birth Records Florida

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Birth files in Florida though have long been made available through computer certification. In connection with the eligibility matter, the people with legal right to search include the child’s name which appears on the birth certificate and must be at least 18 years of age or be the parent, guardian, or legal representative of the child. Otherwise, a court order will have to be acquired in the pursuit of the official public documents.

Florida Birth Certificate

Despite the capability of Florida to make use of computers for records purposes, the processing time still slows down the pace. But, this time certain records can be possessed in no time using the Internet. No more waiting time, just perform the Florida Birth Records search at home with complete privacy and safety. Choose a 100% legitimate website to transact with and pick the one with full money-back guarantee for security assurance.

California Birth Records

The California Department of Health, Vital Records has all the California Birth Records since July 1905 up to these days. Requests are entertained as mandated by law but for a corresponding amount of $16.00 per copy. Those that took place prior to the said year should contact the County Recorder in the county where the event happened. Fees will have to be sent to the mentioned office. But, in case there are changes in the request rate it is wise to visit the department’s website for that information.

If you are after of the certified copy of the said documents, you need to sign the statement under penalty of perjury with the notarized sworn statement. More importantly, the request form should be filled-out completely. In California, authorized copies of birth documents are only accessible to the person listed on the certificate itself, parents or legal guardian, other direct relative, or someone with a legal representative to access the birth record. Thus, it does not belong to the public record where anybody can just view them.

Birth Records California

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Those interested to search on these legal files may either make the request directly to the California Department of Public Health or to the county office where the birth occurred. The mentioned department has the list of all the county records for your quick reference if you want to search locally. Technically, the processing time of older records is longer, about 10 weeks while the newer records may only take up to 2 weeks.

California Birth Certificate

But, with the recent development of modern technology, people no longer have to wait for weeks but in just a few minutes this time. This becomes a possibility with the powerful intervention of the Internet today. California Birth Records are now readily updated online where residents may download them for a very reasonable price. Plus, the search can be performed nowhere else but within the comfort of your home with a totally discreet access. For anyone to conduct a successful search, you just need to look for a 100% legitimate website with full money-back guarantee.

Oklahoma Marriage Records

Oklahoma Marriage Records are best searched at the county level where the wedding ceremony happened. Thus, it is advisable to get hold of the County Court directly for a more effective search. Rules and procedures however vary from county to county, that’s why it is highly recommended to look for the county clerk for these legal documents and find out how to legally possess them.

Marriage reports are usually utilized as a reference for genealogical research and merely to check if someone has a marriage record or not. All the recording county offices and court houses have kept such legitimate documents since 1890 including marriage bonds, licenses and certificates. Marriage records are technically archived at the county where the marriage license was issued.


Marriage Records Oklahoma

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Fees will have to be inquired at the County Clerk of Court and other details pertaining to conducting the whole search. For a list of court contacts, anyone may visit the Oklahoma State Courts Network. Among the necessary requirements would be a valid government ID and the amount for the service charge. Oklahoma marriage reports show information on the specific county where the event occurred, the names of the married individuals, the date and even birth dates and parent’s names.

Oklahoma Marriage License Records

However, all the manual processes done for the records are now shifted to online procedures where requests can be performed instantly without much hassle and complication. Plus, the entire method can be conducted even within the convenience of your own home with Internet connection. The only guarantee is to pick a 100% legally created website which offers a full money-refund service for anyone who is interested to acquire such legal information.

Arizona Marriage Records

The Office of Vital Records of the Department of Health Services takes majority of the public records for the consumption of the legal residents in Arizona. For specific information on Arizona Marriage Records it is more efficient to conduct the search at the county level and contact the clerk of the Superior Court where the event happened. Statistically, the state has a total of 15 counties, having different rules on how they manage such important documents.

Like in Mohave County for instance, the separating couple must be around physically when requesting such reports. Anybody, even if you’re not living in Arizona can perform a marriage files search as long as the ceremony took place in the said state. As a policy, exchanging of vows can only be done after a year since the issuance of the marriage license which expires within 1 a year as well. Marriage license will have to be obtained at $72.00 which is technically non-refundable.


Marriage Records Arizona

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A certified copy of the marriage records can be acquired by making a written request and mail it along with a $26.50 for each copy. Requirements in the acquisition of marriage certificate on the other hand must be that you know the full names of the bride and the groom before they got married, and the exact date of the marriage ceremony. This also costs $26.50 per copy using check, money order, or through a credit card.

Arizona Marriage License Records

Fortunately, researchers no longer have to go through this traditional method in the past. The modern way of searching for official public records is way simpler and faster as compared to what it was used to be back in the days. Arizona Marriage Records are at the tip of your fingers nowadays because such reports are now uploaded online for a much quick access. You only have to pay a reasonable price from a 100% legitimate website with full money-back guarantee to avail a satisfactory service.

Arizona Divorce Records

There are many reasons that an individual could be seeking out free public records like birth, marriage, and death records. Regardless of your reasons for doing a search of only Arizona divorce records, your search could provide you with a solid amount of information that can help you with a range of personal and professional projects.

The State of Arizona maintains copies of some vital records, like birth and death certificates, in the Office of Vital Records. Records that related to marriage and divorce, however, are maintained in the specific county where the event took place.

Divorce In Arizona

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Closed Records State
The State of Arizona has a “closed record” policy related the majority of its vital records; this is done as a means of protecting the privacy of Arizona residents. What this means for you, as a researcher, is that Arizona’s laws will restrict your access to vital records. There are, however, a few situations that will allow you to have access to some records.
As a genealogist, you will be able to access information that doesn’t fall into the category of free public records if you can meet a few criteria.

  • You will need to demonstrate a relationship to the person you are researching. Birth certificates and marriage certificates can help to establish a relationship
  • You will need to submit an application stating your relationship and intent for the use of information obtained
  • You will need to provide a valid form of government-issued identification, like a passport or driver’s license
  • You will need to pay a nominal fee

AZ Divorce Records

If an attorney or the individual to whom the divorce decree pertains is seeking out information for Arizona divorce records then they need to visit the county courthouse where the divorce was processed. There may be a nominal fee associated with obtaining access to or a copy of the divorce records.
Making Your Search Successful

As already mentioned, there is no centralized records center for vital records in Arizona. This means that you will need a few specific things to make your search successful. Some of these include the following.

  • The name of the county in which the divorce took place
  • The name of the petitioner and the other involved party
  • The ages of both parties
  • Date of the marriage
  • Date of the divorce
  • The filing number associated with the divorce – if you have it

Reasons For Searching
There are a great many reasons to search Arizona divorce records, in addition to doing a family history research project. Perhaps you are seeking to get remarried but require evidence that your first marriage was actually terminated; getting access to these records is an essential part of ensuring the legality of your new married. Perhaps you are seeking evidence in a probate case; divorce records can determine someone’s eligibility to receive estate and life insurance benefits. No matter what your searching reasons may be, you should ensure that you are adhering to the State’s laws about accessing vital records.

There are many types of free public records that you can definitely gain ready access to. While gaining access to Arizona divorce records can be a little bit more of a challenge, if you follow the guidelines set in place by the State, you will soon find exactly what you are looking for.

Illinois Divorce Records

The central database for Illinois Divorce Records has been managed at the Illinois Department of Public Health, Division of Vital Records for $5.00 per copy. In this particular state, divorce reports have been indexed since 1962. However, certified copies are not made accessible at the state office, but rather at the Clerk of Circuit Court in County where the legal separation was granted. The Office of Vital Records can only provide information for verification purposes.

Authorities in Illinois have imposed a strict policy to only allow those whose names are printed on the divorce decree, or to only those who are directly related to both separated parties. To do the request, one has to present a proper ID to proceed with the legal search. For a complete certified copy, you may visit the Illinois Circuit Courts list for the contact details which you might need. Individuals cannot just request for such official documents without a valid reason, it must be stated in the request as to what the search is for.

Divorce In Illinois

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Moreover, not all information about divorce files will be provided or revealed for privacy sake. Details on the reason for divorce, child custody, property issues, and others will remain confidential as asserted by the state’s law. The Public Health Department receives the amount for the service charge. Fees vary though at the respective counties depending on the extent of search. To acquire a comprehensive search result, you need to provide the full information necessary to hasten the whole process.

IL Divorce Records

If the manual lookup process is all about waiting and complying with the requirements, this time, the search procedure becomes a lot much easier and quicker. Web experts have made it possible to integrate such government records to online databases for a breeze access anytime the public wants to conduct a background check. Illinois Divorce Records nowadays are obtainable anytime even at home with the evolution of the Internet. A 100% legitimate website with full money-back guarantee is the instant solution to possess such important data.

Indiana Marriage Records

Indiana State Department of Health, Vital Records Section holds Indiana Marriage Records which have been documented since 1958. If you are after of the certified copies of such files, you may request them at the county Clerk of Circuit Court or Clerk of Superior Court in the county where the ceremony happened. These important legal reports are obtainable at the state and county levels with varying amount of service fees.

Technically, it is much wiser to conduct the search at the county level where the records are specifically archived. Marriage index detail contains the names of the couple, as well as the date of the marriage. Any information from limited years may be searched through the databases made available at the Indiana State Library. Apart from going through the manual lookup for official documents, residents may also check out the online databases of the government itself.


Marriage Records Indiana

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An application form has to be filled out when requesting such files at the Department of Health. It is best to get to familiarize the counties in Indiana for fast and easy search. You’ve got to prepare $10.00 per copy and $4.00 if you need extra copies. Turn-around time usually takes 3 to 4 weeks upon receipt of the request. Another resource for such information is the Indiana Genealogy Society where the public can benefit their marriage indexing project. As a matter of fact, results for the index comprise over 100,000 records.

Indiana Marriage License Records

Indiana Marriage Records nowadays are retrievable at home as long as there is access to the Internet. You no longer have to wait in line and get yourself busy in complying with the usual government requirements. This time, you only have to pay for a reasonable rate and you get what you need in no time. The secret trick is to choose a 100% legitimate online record provider with full money-back guarantee to complete the search successfully.