Public Divorce Records

Divorce records are public records. They fall under state jurisdiction and are maintained at state repositories. County and city courthouses from which the records are uploaded usually maintain their own set of the same. As much of the information contained in Public Divorce Records is often private in nature, many states impose certain degree of restriction on its accessibility and use. Having that said, they are still ultimately public records and anyone can have access to anybody’s public divorce records as long as procedures are complied with.

People conduct public divorce record search for a multitude of reasons. The foremost one has to be checking on a prospective spouse, in-law or relative. It could even be just a gesture of concern from a friend. There are also official situations where divorce records come into the picture such as in the case of someone seeking to remarry after a previous divorce. Records stating that the divorce was formally completed must be produced in order for the application of a marriage license can proceed.

Public Divorce Record

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A certified copy of the Divorce Certificate may be required in some instances. Divorce Public Records are also used extensively in genealogy research, locating biological parents by adopted children and vice-versa, establishing identity and status in inheritance matters and other claims. They are even used for negative purposes such as smearing campaigns, blackmail and other form of ransom bargaining.