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I definitely will admit that I used to get in trouble when I was young. I have had more than one police report mention my name. In fact, run a Public Police Records Check and it would reveal that my past is less than perfect. Nevertheless, I have changed, and I feel like society should recognize these changes. I can understand if my police officer records were from a year or two ago, but in reality I haven’t so much as broken the speed limit in more than 10 years. Nevertheless, anyone who wants to search police reports can find all the information he wants on me. These are public records, after all, and no law protects the convicted.

To a lot of people, this makes sense. After all, shouldn’t people know if someone they have to deal with has a criminal past? If, for example, someone wanted to hire me for a sensitive position where I would deal with compromising personal information, isn’t it their business to know if I committed fraud in the past? In my opinion, it is not. Whether you have a police report or not, once you have served your time, it should be over with. Society shouldn’t keep criminal record registries, making it hard for anyone who has been convicted to find a decent job. Now that I’m out of jail, I should have the same rights as everyone. In reality, however, I do not.

Public Police Records

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The real irony here is that I have been a model of rehabilitation since I was released. One call to the San Diego Police Department – the department that arrested me – will reveal that the police officers there have the highest respect for me. Not only have I stayed out of trouble, but I have helped keep other kids from getting into trouble in the first place. Yet my police report and Online Police Records don’t say anything about this. All they tell you is that I have broken the law in the past, But they don’t say anything about the fact that I’ve changed.

In the good old days, you could escape a police report by moving somewhere else. Even if you were known as a troublemaker in one area, if you moved to another part of the country and started over, people would give you a fresh chance to make an impression. Nowadays, with Free Public Police Records being accessible online, all of this has changed. Anyone who wants to can look up your past and hold it against you.